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Elevation Control for Nanobridge / PowerBeam

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Elevation Control for Nanobridge / PowerBeam
I'm looking for a reasonable (= Cheap, Inexpensive, Innovative, Compact & Lightweight) way to control the elevation of a Nanobridge or PowerBeam Dish on a mobile mast pole.  I'm thinking something in the $100 range would be reasonable.
My application would be for deployment on my RV and similar command post type vehicles, trailers and the like.  Does anyone have a good suggestion for either an electric (or manual) device that would perform this function???  It would need to be "locked down" once the desired position is obtained - for maximum signal strength to a remote node.

Elevation Control Suggestion

You should check out the various 12 VDC gear motors available from Marlin P Jones.  They have a right angle gearhead with a lead screw that should work very nicely for elevation control (azimuth as well if you purchase one for each axis).  I have used their surplus 12VDC gear motors for remote control of items for many years.  They also work very nicely for remote tuning of loop antennas.


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I was thinking about putting

I was thinking about putting whatever I end up with on a tv rotor so I would not have to climb my tower to fine tune it. Your post got me to thinking, What if you took a mast mount from a rotor and mounted a tv rotor to it laying down? That would give you an inexpensive elevation rotor. It might take a little creative engineering but it might work. 

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For field use here is a IR
For field use here is a IR battery operated pan & tilt head which may work for about $70.  There are others which are wired for a bit more money.  This unit does not look weather proof.
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I found thishttps://www.ubnt

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