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POE 8 Port Injector

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POE 8 Port Injector
Hello, I founds this 8 port POE injector on amazon. I'm not sure what Ubiquiti uses. Would this unit work?

  • Remote power up to 8 Access points, phones or cameras, includes 48 volt 60 watt power supply for 802.3af devices
  • Passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology; power is always on to all 8 outlets
  • Powers 802.3af devices up to 7.5 watts average each; we also have 120w kits and other products for gigabit speeds
  • If your device specs "12v, PoE" then this means 12v locally, 48v via the Ethernet - see our video for an explanation
  • Expert USA Tech Support - call 512 479 0317
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Looks like this is a 48VDC

Looks like this is a 48VDC POE which will blow the unit.  Ubiquiti uses 24VDC output at the injector typically which will be 12VDC at the node with long wire.

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yes.  This is a 802.3af
yes.  This is a 802.3af-compliant PoE (ie. 48V with smart signaling), not the "passive" PoE that most AirMax devices use.
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I think the advertisement is
I think the advertisement is misleading--says it can power 802.3af devices.   But the supply is passive 48v.     I have a couple of these passive 8-port strips, they work fine and can help to reduce the count of power connectors needed.    I'm using them with 12v battery system. 

Thanks everyone
I ordered the one without the power supply.I'll use a 12-24 power supply.


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