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WINS Challenge

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WINS Challenge

IS anyone aware of this Challenge from Mozilla - seems like a slamdunk for AREDN for the emergency inernet challenge.

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Already being discussed by individuals in this thread:
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AREDN is NOT the answer to the WINS challange
"The Smart Community Networks Challenge seeks wireless solutions that leverage existing physical infrastructure to provide robust access to the whole Internet in underserved areas."

I see two BIG problems with trying to float the idea that AREDN could be used to meet the goals of this challenge.

1.  AREDN uses Amateur Radio frequencies, licensed (in this country) by the FCC.  If the "underserved areas" are in the United States, or any country that issues licenses for the portion of the radio spectrum that AREDN uses, then all the users would need to be licensed Amateur Radio operators, and I don't think that is the intention of the challenge.

2. AREDN is primarily an off-the-grid system with links to the internet for limited use that is not a violation of FCC rules, part 97.  The intent of the challenge is to provide access to the "whole internet".  Clearly not in compliance with Part 97.

AREDN works as well as it does because we can operate in the "HAM only" portion of the band.

The quickest way to kill the AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network) project is to allow non-HAMs with no intention of complying with Part 97 to overwhelm and flood the network with traffic to the internet.  I don't consider the considerable investment in time and money that I have put into the AREDN network in Orange County, California to be "existing physical infrastructure" that non-HAMs should be allowed to exploit because the want "free internet".

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