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5 GHz 180 degree MIMO Sector Antennas?

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5 GHz 180 degree MIMO Sector Antennas?

We plan to deploy a Rocket M5 to a hill that could REALLY benefit from a 180 degree sector antenna.   A very brief scan of the Ubiquiti site didn't reveal any.
I found the HG5813DP-180 from L-COM but am unsure as to its suitability
Any other recommendations?


Im not sure I have seen many
Im not sure I have seen many 180 degree sectors (or even any other than the one you posted.) Most tend to stop at 120 degree.

I can't attest to this specific antennas performance, but I can attest that L-Com in general is a respected name, I wouldn't worry about quality (heck I trust them to make the lighting arestor/power injector for my deployments)
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You may also look at RF
You may also look at RF Elements.  Not sure if they have one, but, they are a respected mfg.
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How about 2 x 90 Degree sectors?
If you really need true 180 degree coverage, you could deploy 2 x 90 degree sector antennas.  Of course that would require another Rocket, but if you have enough users to support it, then there you go.  Close evaluation of the fall-off on the sides shows that you still have signal, just evaluate the pattern and decide.  I was studying the pattern of a 120 degree sector this afternoon and noticed a "dip" in gain at the center, and peaks at 30 degrees each side of center.  If I recall, the gain is down around 6 dbi at 60 degrees off center on either side, and then falls off more dramatically after that.
Of course then you need 2x
Of course then you need 2x frequencies.

Pluses and minuses of both options. Can get get less noise by having thinner beamwidth but then need to coordinate frequencies, etc.

As for pattern, every model antenna pattern will differ, some antennas are specified to -6db (common in the cellular world) others are specified at the -3db point (this is what ham's are often use to but this is uncommon in the cellular/wisp antennas)

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