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Odd POE Failure

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Odd POE Failure
My nanostation with a Ubiquiti 24V POE failed strangely.  Its rightmost light fluttered rapidly, and the node did not respond to the PC.
I tried another nanostation. Same thing.
I changed the ethernet cables. Same thing.
In desperation I changed the POE. Voila both nanostations came to life. One of them had reverted to default settings.
So I will throw out the bad POE.  Does this happen often?

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Reverting to default settings
Reverting to default settings would occur if the right two wires in the cat5 cable were crossed (what the remote reset button does on the Rocket POE brick).  If more than 15 seconds, would have restored to firstboot.   Water seeping through (inside and outside the jacket of) the cat5  has been known to have caused this to happen -- the root cause.

Ubiquiti POE bricks have always worked well for me.  I've never experienced a failure.

Joe AE6XE 
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Check the contacts - don't throw it away!
You might also check the contacts on the ethernet jacks for any signs of corrosion and clean them up.  I did have one unit that was hit by a surge and it literally "Burned" some of the contacts in half.  If the contacts look good, you can always perform some surgery on the POE injector, add a pigtail and a fuse for connection to an external battery power source.

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