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Yuma Hamfest 2017

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Yuma Hamfest 2017
I will once again be attending the Yuma Hamfest along with my friends of the Amateur Radio Tower Trailer Team.

Mesh will again be apart of the demo operations planned from the trailer station so please feel free to come by and talk a bit about MESH or anything else Amateur Radio (or just to operate the HF station, we won't take it personally if that's the only reason you say hello)

New mesh additions this year:

* Local Access point: an open wifi network will be made available to connect into. This is a method used by local EOC's deployments to bring the non-ham's onto the network. Browse the services at your convince

* Digtial/MESH ATV: A PTZ Camera similar to the ones used at many sites here in SOCAL (will likely set it up on a auto patrol scan of the grounds but TBD)

* Additional "service" demo's

Out of respect for the balloon launch which at last I had heard was scheduled  to  be carrying an AREDN payload on channel -2  local mesh operations will likely be on channel 1 AREDN-20-v3. Stop by the trailer for more details of coordinated frequency usage on site.

Look forward to having a good time in Yuma!
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Growth of the AREDN Network in California
i will also be at the Yuma Hamfest 2017, presenting a seminat Saturday at 10:20 AM on the effort to federate independent AREDN networks across California.

Andre, K6AH
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Will copies of talks
Will copies of talks/presentations be available after?
Mine was mostly informal
Mine was mostly informal person to person discussions, a lot of my demo got delayed out as the tower trailer was brought down in an abundance of caution with sustained high winds.

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