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3 Ghz Ubiquiti equipment

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3 Ghz Ubiquiti equipment

The work which the development team is doing with the 3 Ghz products sounds exciting. Where can one purchase the same 3 Ghz equipment?

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One source is Flytec Computers 

Since this equipment is normally for export only, you should use your callsign in the company name field of the order.


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Tell them you are part of the

Tell them you are part of the "AREDN group".  It is possible to negotiate pricing.  The sales manager gave this contact:

Jimmy Sandoval <>


The pricing shown on the

The pricing shown on the website is lower than I expected for the products. The biggest problem I encountered was trying to come up with a proper search term to filter out the other Ubiquiti products not related to 3.4Ghz products.

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Lower prices for Ubiquiti M3 devices here:

Lower prices at this site:



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Yes, but, what is the

Yes, but, what is the shipping charge from Latvia?

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