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Horizontal vs Dual-Polarized Sectors

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Horizontal vs Dual-Polarized Sectors

We are getting are mesh going and we have been given about 20 120 degree Horizontally polarized sectors. I am just wondering what the pros and cons are for these.
I was looking at the Ubiquiti Dual-polarized sectors, but is there any benefit when using them on the mesh network over the Horizontally polarized?
Also I am wondering if there would be any interference issues by putting 2-3 on water towers to provide 2.4 AREDN coverage?


There are a number of threads

There are a number of threads on this subject in the forum (intertwined between various subjects) so I'm just going to give the short answer:

Dual Polarity is preferred over single polarity (MIMO can increase speed and diversity receive increases link quality)

Multiple nodes on the same site and same band you need to look at some how isolating them from each other (lots of shielding with trees, metal walls/bulkheads, etc) or be on different RF channels (hard to do on 2.4 GHz)

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I realize there are are a number of threads that talk about this, however they never really answer the questions. They can also be hard to follow because like you said they are intertwined in different subjects. I think we have a plan that we are going to go with after seeking some advise from a commercial operator off forum. 

We will build experiment, and modify.

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Let us know what you find

Let us know what you find.  We'd also appreciate you sharing the advice you received from the commercial operator.

Andre, K6AH

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