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NBM365 compatibility?

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NBM365 compatibility?
I see cheap NanoBridge M365 units on eBay all the time. I'm assuming that they're surplus/used CPE from a WISP. Has anyone done any analysis on these units to see if they're compatible/flashable with the system?
The M365 line has been tested
The M365 line has been tested and found to have significant frontend filtering  that renders them unuseable on the HAM bands.
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to filter or not to filter
I happened across some 365's.  I haven't opened them up yet.  The filter can't be modified or removed perhaps?  
Considering the design of
Considering the design of AREDN is intended to be well supported COTS(Commercial off the shelf) hardware I'm doubtful the M365 would get added even if the filters can be removed (if they exist as a discreet they are likely surface mount and they are likely beneath the welded shield) For the time involved to consider even doing this one (especially at the value of my own personal time) it's just significantly cheaper to buy the hardware straight up as an M3 instead of M365's

M365's can still make good P-t-P backhaul links outside of Part 97 (I forget the license class for 3.65ghz) if you want additional non ham RF space to use, but as an AREDN node they don't make sense and for the inability to guarantee performance of each device I just don't see them being supported.

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