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New Website for The South West Alabama Mesh Alliance (SWAMA)

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New Website for The South West Alabama Mesh Alliance (SWAMA)

The group of hams in south west Alabama interested in AREDN and mesh networking is growing at a rapid pace, so a couple of us decided to create a website to help distribute information about AREDN and details about the local mesh network.

We decided to call ourselves The South West Alabama Mesh Alliance (SWAMA) and the website is,  Please take a look and suggestions for content and improvement are welcome.  Our "special interest group" consists of members of many different amateur radio clubs in the area and hams that don't belong to any clubs... so we decided to make SWAMA as simple as it gets.  There will be no regular meetings, no dues, and no officers!  We will gather in ad hoc groups wherever convenient and email addresses will be shared among the group for info and questions.  I plan to put out a regular AREDN update as more nodes come online and the blog on the website will also provide similar information.

So, welcome to SWAMA if you are in or near south west Alabama!  Please send me an email if you would like to be included in our group and I will add you to the list.  Visit the website often and let me know if there is specific information that you would like to see there.

We will not duplicate information that is already available on the website, but we will provide links to that information as necessary.


Ron N4RT
Bromley, AL


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Great looking website
Nice work Ron - it is a very attractive website! I wish I had one of those towers available up here.

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