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Custom Logo on Cisco 7940

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Custom Logo on Cisco 7940

If anyone can assist in getting a custom logo displayed on a Cisco 7940 I would sure appreciate the help.

I had 8 of these phones given to me, so can't for the life of me, at the moment, see any reason to go out and buy a different brand.

All the phones seem to be working but I now wanted to place a custom logo on the display.

I have a message appearing on the second line from the bottom that reads "HTTP connection closed."  Which I think means it could find the connection in the first place but ran into some issue.  My SIPDefault.cnf has the following entry for the logo path: logo_url: "http://N4TTY-005/asterick/logo.bmp"

N4TTY-005 is the mesh node with my asterick server and the "logo.bmp" file is in the subdirectory "asterick" of the web server.  The logo file is 90x56 pixels and is just greyscale.

Any ideas?

Steve G./N4TTY

Are you running in NAT(not
Are you running in NAT(not recommended)? If so make sure your mesh node has a port forward to the asterisk server.

If running in the recommended DIRECT mode you should use the advertised name of the asterisk server or take IP address and not the name of the mesh node.

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