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WiresX for repeater control and Node connection

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WiresX for repeater control and Node connection
Can AREDN be setup for a MESH net connect from a house to the repeater location 3.8 km so we can control the repeater as well as allowing connections to Fusion Nodes? Are there any special ports that the AREDN software needs to open for the six UDP ports, 
  1. 46100, 46110, 46112, 46114, 46120 and 46122 that are required for wiresx?


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In order to do this "properly" you will need a SmartVPN solution with a configurable "server" on the other end that can pass the port forwarding independent of where your MESH internet connection comes from.   If you have a single internet connection on your MESH system, it's possible to set up a double port forward to make this happen.  We have done this on our system with success.  You will need upward of an 8mbps connection at the repeater end for good results.

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While not the answer to the posted I would like to use the opportunity to mention that the whole idea of AREDN is to have a network that can be used in the event of an Internet outage.  Yaesu's Fusion Wires-X system requires Internet connectivity (all the way to Japan I believe).  I was looking for ways to do Fusion linking without the Internet. There are FCS reflectors that avoid the Japan, trip but still require the Internet.  I did eventually find some indication that the MMDVM project has software that can provide connectivity, with open source software, on your own network, but it is not for the faint-hearted (software is not exactly plug-and-play).

So when I saw the RFShark OpenSpot ( ) I was interested to see that they include an "IP connector" server that provide basic connectivity without the Internet.  I procured two of them and found it was quite easy to provide a C4FM connection across my local mesh and even a cross-mode DMR/C4FM connection. No port forwarding is required since both devices are on the same network. The test setup is shown on the attached slide. As you can see, one can still retain the Internet connectivity if desired, but not be dependent on it for mesh operation. 

I have to acknowledge that the fancy features of the Yaesu Fusion Network are not available on a mesh-only connection, but anything you can do radio-to-radio should work fine.  The cross-mode connection is voice-only AFAIK.  The OpenSpot has a documented API for those with the appropriate talents to do fancy things.

Now to the original question - there is really no need for a mesh connection to remote the Wires-X PC. It might be good to have a part 97 frequency to use. but with only two nodes, making it a mesh throws away about half of your available bandwidth.  The standard Ubiquiti load would give best results, although, you would only be able to get part-97 frequencies (some of them) on the 5 GHz band using that firmware.  

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