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Nanostation M5 AREDN software

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Nanostation M5 AREDN software

Kind of a NOOB question but I'm confused about the info on the software for for the Nanostation M5.  I recently purchased a pair of M5's that came with v5.6.2 (XW).  The M5 is listed as a supported model but the warnings on the software page talk about having to load v5.5 first then loading AREDN software.  Also there seem to be separate links for the XW version so I have become frozen lest I do something stupid and brick the radios.

I am trying to setup a new network in Colorado so we are starting with just a P-T-P link.  I have configured the AirOS software but would like to load the AERDN software before we deploy.  Weather is a factor at the moment but it also has taken me 5 days to find the posting page for the forum.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


I would give the instructions
I would give the instructions on the software page a read:

The install guide is also useful (but the notes about performing the tests and downgrading are not included in it so follow them from the software downloads page)
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Downgrade AIROS to 5.5.10XW
You will need to "downgrade" the AirOS on the Nanostation to 5.5.10XW, then proceed with install of the "XW" version of the AREDN Nanostation Factory Firmware.  To avoid confusion, I unclude the letters "XW" (Like K1KY-NSM5XW-xxx in the node name of my unit to help with future upgrade identification so I don't accidentally load the wrong firmware.  Likewise same procedure for the XW Rocket models.  If you put the wrong "XM" AREDN Firmware on an XW unit, it will "BRICK" the unit.

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