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AirRouter Discontinued?

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AirRouter Discontinued?
I just saw a post from one of our followers an one of our Facebook pages that the AirRouter may be discontinued by UBNT? It's not to be found on their product pages.  Any rumblings of a replacement if this is true?
I'm not sure the AIrrouter
I'm not sure the AIrrouter has had a page.  I recall one device not having a page on there but not 100% sure which one it was.

Ubiquit makes products that work well for WISP's, they however are not so great on keeping their website fully aligned to their product offerings (past and present) so that doesn't necessarily mean they are EOL.

If you do find an EOL announcement it would be good to know about however.
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I have seen
I have seen info on some UBNT discussion pages about a discontinuance in 2014, but I do know that we have models that have manufacture dates as current as late 2016 in service on our system.  I'm waiting to see the link that our user is referencing to.  Stay tuned!
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The best I can figure is that UBNT called them a "Legacy" product and that lead people to believe they were going out of production.  A post by UBNT Ben (I think) clarified some years ago that they would still be in production despite the term "Legacy".  

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