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Elsinore Peak Ready for Testing

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Elsinore Peak Ready for Testing

The AREDN Elsinore Peak installation coverage is currently being tested into southern Riverside County.  There are a few things left to do up there to increase bandwidth off the mountain, but it will soon be fully operational.  This afternoon I took several empirical data points to prove out the modeling predictions. The mobile end was a Ubiquiti NanoBridge M2 (small 18dBi dish generally available used on ebay for about $30) held at shoulder height. 

Each measurement was taken with the Elsinore Peak towers in clear view without obstructing power lines, trees, etc.   Below is what the coverage looks like.  The green areas are where RadioMobile predicts a minimum of 15dB SNR (signal-to-noise ratio)... enough for a several MB/sec link.  The bubbled numbers are the actual SNR measurements in dB.  The concentric bands are at 5 mile increments.


I encourage you to try the site out (SSID: AREDN, Channel -2, 5 MHz bandwidth).  Once the links prove themselves, I recommend taking down your corresponding tunnels.  They add a great deal of uncertainty to the network's disaster readiness.
I'd be happy to present to your ham clubs or Emcomm groups what implementers like myself are doing around Southern California with this technology.
Andre, K6AH
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Congrats Andre!
Congrats Andre!
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Congratulations to you Andre, and Joe and Keith, and whoever else was involved.   Great job!

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My coconspirators...
Thanks Jonathan.  My coconspirators, who I should have mentioned in my post, were: Joe, AE6XE, Conrad, KG6JEI, and George, K6FDZ.  Thanks also to Keith, AI6BX, for providing the link to San Bernardino and Orange/LA counties.


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