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Looking for others to tunnel in.

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Looking for others to tunnel in.

​Looking to tunnel with other networks outside of Yakima,WA. Please let me know if interested.
Thanks KA7HAK
Tunnel with Walla Walla -- let's discuss
We're making some headway in setting up a network here, although it's still in the testing stage.  Still, I'd like to see how that works.   

You can reach by my call at ARRL dot NET

73, Jeff AL1Q
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Will send you an email thanks.

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I'm in NNJ, just outside of

I'm in NNJ, just outside of New York City.  Would like to be a tunnel client
my node is wa2ise-FN20xw-2
As I understand it, I'll need info as to a server, a password, and network. 

73s  Bob

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Washington State
Have you checked to see if there is a mesh closer to your area? We would like to keep our nodes with in Washington state. Also we would prefer folks in Washington to have more than a couple nodes in their network as we have limited capacity for tunneling. 73 KA7HAK
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The Vancouver, Camas, Washougal Area
I was just checking things out on the map.  I was shocked that I didn't see anything in the area?   I plan on moving up there in two years.  I'll be very interested once I move up there and hopeful get things going if nothing is up by that time.

David, aa6rv
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Hamwan etc

On the west side they use down to about Centralia

Don't be shocked
do not be surprised at the apparent lack of activity in the Vancouver/Camas area. When you move on up, connect with the Clark County ARC,, and then attend the digital group meetings. The "problem" , if there is one, I do not know how to get on the map, at this time. I am on the map at BBHN, and have one radio, an Ubiquiti Bullet. running on the mesh.

Marc, KD7RYY
Lower valley

We're starting to put up some APs down in the Prosser to tri-cities area. I've got my radios and antennas ready to go up; just waiting for snow to melt a bit more to get them up in the air. I think that I may have line of sight to the Elephant Mtn node if you have anything to do with that one.

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Im down in the sf bayarea and
Im down in the sf bayarea and run a server hub. Is it just you or are you looking to connect up a group of nodes to a server?
server hub
Can I connect? kj6dzb

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