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Seeking Birds of a Feather for AREDN Deployment

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Seeking Birds of a Feather for AREDN Deployment

To my Suffolk County, New York HAMS



My name Gary, KE2GS.    I am a Senior Technology Engineer at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, New York.   My background is mostly in UNIX/Linux but I have a working knowledge in communications.

There seems to be mesh nodes popping up here and there but there does not seem to be any county wide coordination.  If there is, I would like to participate, if not, I would like to begin the dialog. 

As you know, in recent years, there has been a few eye opening events on Long Island. After hurricane Sandy, services were down for days to weeks in some areas. I myself was without power for 12 days.   Being able to deploy a temporary or backup communications infrastructure is crucial in my mind. 

Sandy was mild on the disaster scale and there are bigger threats looming on the horizon.  We are overdue for a Carrington size geomagnetic storm that could take out the NE Grid for months and a category 3 or larger hurricane (Sandy was barely a category one hurricane)is over due as well.

I hope to work with the OEM offices in key cities, Fire and Ambulance stations,  CERT and ARES/RACES groups to create a backup network and a secondary deployable network backbone with basic services such as PBX, web services, messaging, email, DNS and more. 

I can’t do this alone.  So I am reaching out for assistance in making AREDN a reality in our area. 

I hope to hear from you soon.

Gary (KE2GS)

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I'm in, I know Div1 Babylon
I'm in, I know Div1 Babylon has a node up in town hall. I'm in Div3

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Birds flying in

Gary, Good morning. I just joined AREDN. I'm in Central Islip. Toughest part about all this is that there is no contact information anywhere, phone numbers, emails etc. I'm old school and have never been a fan of BBS only comms. Please email or call me to discuss what all this is about. How does AREDN get around the FCC rule of no continuous carrier services?

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Trying to contact you but need contact info

Good morning. Lets try this again.
I looked you up on QRZ, no email. I see no telephone number in your last post.
Same request for KD2HGI. I have a name, John A Tomory  but that's it.
Please provide contact information so I can contact you both and discuss.

Thanks and 73'

Mark DuMoulin
Greater Adirondack Repeater Association
444.75 on Long Island 110.9

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