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K6AH presentation at TAPR 2016

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K6AH presentation at TAPR 2016
Check out another excellent Gary Pearce KN4AQ's Ham Radio Now episode 279 on Andre K6AH's AREDN presentation …
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another link
Here's the video straight from youtube:

IMO, we as a community still need to do a better job of selling the "why" to other hams. It's amazing to me that I'm in an area with hundreds of hams, have given many formal presentations and informal talks, and yet the hams shrugged their shoulders and move on to other things. They really think that if a big emergency happens, ham volunteers that have never interacted with the local emergency community will be welcome with open arms when they show up with a shiny reflective vest at the command center. Andre does a great job of explaining how the face of AUXCOM has changed over the years. But here in Central IL, we just don't get it.

So please go build out the mesh and show your local EMA coordinator what it can be used for. Route some messages. Put up some cameras. Get involved in exercises. Be professional and respectful. Just don't think you'll show up at the command post one day with a bunch of locos (hardware or people) thinking you'll be welcome. 


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