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DTD linking problem

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DTD linking problem
Hi Folks,

I have had 2 nodes linked via DTD through a cisco switch for some time now and had no problems.

Recently, I did some software upgrades across several bits of kit and now the DTD link doesn't work.

If I do a tcp dump on both nodes I can see the broadcasts going out but nothing being recieved.

I am pretty sure its not a switch issue as I have plenty of notes on how I configured it and the config looks ok. 

One thing I have spotted though is that one node is broadcasting to and the other is to Both nodes have the line Ip4Broadcast in the olsrd.conf file so not sure why one would be using a 10.x broadcast IP.

Any suggestions?


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If one node is transmitting
If one node is transmitting the OLSR broadcast packet, the other side is not receiving it, then it sounds like the path in the middle is where to look.  Try putting a straight cat5 between the 2 mesh nodes to confirm they link up -- that it is isolated to getting through the switch.    Generally, the vlan 802.1q switch is not looking at the IP level and wouldn't have a clue what netmask is in use at this higher level.   Maybe the upgrade of the cisco is doing something more than before that needs to be configured?
The annoying thing is that
The annoying thing is that the switch is the only thing that i haven't upgraded in years :-)

Most of my kit has been switched off for a while and when powered back up its not working. I will try the direct connection and see if anything is passed

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