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Unbrick Help
I have rescued 3 nodes now from bricked status but just got a new one that does not respond.  I wonder if they have changed something again.
The node is a new Bullet M2 Titanium
The symptom is that I can get no output from the serial port.  So I can't command the urescue.

Holding down the reset at power-up for 10 seconds or so will put it into the TFTP loop and it will respond to a ping and accept a 5.6 load (but not a 5.5).
After the load, it still won't respond.  I assume because it still has the bad boot loader.  (Someone loaded AREDN without downgrading to 5.5)

Anybody else see this?

The serial device is OK.  It echos back if I connect TXD and RXD.

Tried everything I can think of, but no joy.

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JJ,  try different terminal
JJ,  try different terminal emulators, e.g. vt100 to ansi, etc.  try different programs that do terminal emulation.  Triple check the basics.  Same cabling and everything used to recover before?  I had an issue with one device that would only echo back bogus characters, suspected of being a baud rate, or other config setting.   I was able to correct the issue by changing from v102 to ansi emulation.  If you are not even seeing bogus characters returned, this would be symptomatic that nothing is getting through, a cable signal problem.   The TFTP mode response confirms that there is a uboot in firmware, it is working to some extent, and the config data of the Ethernet port is working.  This suggests that the config data for serial port is also intact.
- Tried another term program - no luck
- Put a scope on the the txd of the board and get nothing
- Seems that the serial port is dead
- Txd is not shorted, btw

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