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Mesh Proposal

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Mesh Proposal

I've got my city interested in funding 3 rockets with 120° sector antennas mounted up ~120' on a tower near the city center. We don't have a working backbone (yet) and this would help tie together a couple of disjointed meshes, as well as a few isolated individuals.

We're at the point where I need to write a proposal, part of which needs to explain the purpose of the mesh network and the benefit(s) it could offer the city, particularly for emcomm. Does anyone already have a proposal like this already drafted (or something similar) that I could use as a starting point?

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Kd7mg,   W6BGR asked me to

Kd7mg,   W6BGR asked me to pass along his contact information.   He has written some proposals to the City of San Juan Capistrano with great success.   He can be reached at <callsign> @  .  


​P.S. If you order the 5Ghz Rockets, it is becoming more likely to receive the XW hardware boards that do not yet have available firmware.  While more expensive, the M3 Rocket hub and sector panel can be used in combination with the NSM3 clients for clear frequency sailing and firmware available in the current beta release.   The timeline for your deployment and 3Ghz firmware release should be in the ball park.



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Contact Me I have a few writeups

Contact Me I have a few write-ups.  I can send them to you in Word and PDF formats.

Send a hello Email to

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You are indeed good people.

You are indeed good people. Thanks!

For now I have to stay with the M2 line, just to help support legacy gear. When we start setting up some PtP links, then we'll definitely look at other bands.

If anyone else has a proposal or two they wouldn't mind sharing, I can be reached using my call at

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