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DtDlink port?

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DtDlink port?
I picked up an AirRouter, and installed the AREDN firmware.  It's working fine, so far, but I was told on another thread that the AREDN firmware comes preconfigued with 1 DTDlink port, 3 Lan ports, and 1 WAN port.  

My question is -- which port is which?  The WAN is obvious -- it's labeled.  But then there are 4 LAN ports.  Which one is the DtDlink?

I've been through the Help file, and there's no designation of any such.  Does the firmware auto-detect a DtD connection?  That's the best I can come up with.

Thank you!

73, Jeff AL1Q
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Ports numbered

I have the AirRouter HP, and the ports are numbered just above the connectors 1-4, left to right.  1, 2, & 3 are LAN, and 4 is DtD.

Andre, K6AH

Ports numbering!
I expect that the arrangement is identical with both models.  Thank you!

73, Jeff AL1Q

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