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Long Node Names on Tunnel Clients and Servers

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Long Node Names on Tunnel Clients and Servers
Is there still an issue with long node names on Tunnel Servers and Clients?  It "seems" that I have to shorten the names in order to get some tunnels to work. Specifically on a Nanobridge M5 and an AirRouter-HP.  I know that the port paths are good.

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Yes.  It is a limitation of
Yes.  It is a limitation of the vtun underlying package that we use.

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And that limistation is??
So, what is the majic maximum number of characters?
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The magic number is 22.
The Tunnel Client node name must not be longer than 22 characters.  This is the name that goes on the Tunnel Server page of the Tunnel Server.
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Is this 22 Character limit
Is this 22 Character limit still the case?  I just had a node with a 25 character name that connected.  
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25 Characters is about the top limit
I also have some nodes with 25 character names that connect.  I have not evaluated what might work @25 as far as equipment types (shouldn't matter), but I try to keep the names at 22 or less as a general rule of thumb.  I was thinking that I saw some mention that there may be some warning logic being included in newer versions of firmware releases, but then again, I may have just been dreaming wishful thinking...

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