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Other hardware
While I wait for a Bullet M2 to join the local mesh network to arrive... I wonder what it would take to join the net using some other hardware (I've been operating >20mi 802.11 links for 11 years, so I have some stuff laying around). Do I assume correctly that aredn uses std 802.11 with the only exception being the use of ch -2 in the 2.4Ghz band? And then OLSR to set up routes and a slew of network config scripts? Or are there custom drivers involved? I've spent quite some time poking around at docs and so far haven't found anything that really describes the network stack and its config, is there something I missed?
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N6TEV,  there's not a
N6TEV,  there's not a specific document that spells out all the configuration.  However, this is directly observable by looking at the linux config files to see how everything is setup.   This is standard 802.11a/b/g/n supported in ad-hoc mode with olsr on top.  I've configure a RasPi's to be somewhat mesh network compatible and it is doable, but with a good knowledge of linux and networking.  

The repository of source code is fully visible on this site. We do change the drivers, e.g. extend the channels to part 97.  This is one issue where other hardware platforms would have a steep or insurmountable wall to climb as your local AREDN network is pushing into these lower noise clear sailing channel. 
Thanks for the confirmation.
Thanks for the confirmation. I was looking whether anyone had figured out how to change the frequencies of an ESP8266 (32-bit uC with integrated Wifi for <$10) down into ch -2 but alas no. It's most likely doable, but I don't think I'm going to have the time for it. I was thinking about being able to deploy cheap sensors into AREDN. Maybe using some other radio technology for those, like LoRA, would make more sense anyway.
Nullet M2 arrived today, so that's gonna be my focus now anyway :-)

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