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Picostation 2 HP

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Picostation 2 HP

Forgive me if this has already been answered, but I couldn't find anything.  

Is the PicoStation 2 HP supported?  I didn't see it on the list of supported hardware but wanted to confirm before selling it.  I bought it used without looking real close at the model.  I have a feeling I'm out of luck.  


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Our matrix indicates the
Our matrix indicates the PicoStation M2 is supported, but not the PicoStation 2.

Andre, K6AH
Picostation2 and Picostation2HP

Any idea if we will add support for Picostation2 and Picostation2HP? On eBay, these are 2x less expensive than the Picostation M2 or Picostation M2 HP, and have similar RAM/Flash. 

They don't have AirMAX support (so a more limited frequency range) but OpenWRT already runs on these models. 

What does it take to make them compatible with AREDN? 

P.S. Same question about Bullet5 

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The non-M versions are older

The non-M versions are older and generally have lesser resources... particularly memory.  You are certainly welcome to try loading them and report back. Within the AirMax "M" family of devices, it's often just configuration parameters, such as max power, antenna type, etc we need to code for.  So if it works, and you can get us a "" file, you're likely to find us willing to add it to the list.

Remember though, your mileage may vary here, so you'll want to be prepared to "bring it back from the bleeding edge" or toss it in the brick yard.


Testing for a new
I can try that. I am completely new to the project. What test suites do I need to run to validate a new 

The memory shouldn't be an issue. Both Picostation2 and Picostation2HP also have 32 MB of SDRAM and 8 MB of Flash, exactly the same as the working PicostationM2/M2HP

The CPU is older/slower: Atheros MIPS 4KC 180 MHz for the older 2/2HP versus Atheros MIPS 24KC 400 MHz for the newer M2 model. I don't know the exact chipset version/model# (probably AR2313) - I can open up one to figure it out. 

- Picostation2: 
- Picostation2HP:
- PicostationM2HP:

I am running 4 of these
I am running 4 of these currently.   All of them are the Picostation M2 HP models.  All of them work great.  
2 questions though
The new sheet is no longer green for support of the new firmware and is orenge now.  Just wondering if more testing has been done for the new version?
I am looking into getting a few more of them as others are now wanting to order some too but I just noticed the name has been changed to 

Ubiquiti Networks Picostation2 Cpe M Series Hp (PICOM2-H(US))

Is there a difference or is it just a name change but the hardware is the same?  

Thank you.  
Ubiquiti Networks Picostation2 Cpe M Series Hp (PICOM2-H(US))
Same question from a newbie: is the Ubiquiti Networks Picostation2 Cpe M Series Hp (PICOM2-H(US)) seen on Amazon the supported AREDN version?

I was able to get my question
I was able to get my question answered on a different list here.

OK to purchase.   It is just a name change and yes for support.   

Trouble with PicoStationM2HP backflash

Not exactly a newbee, because I have 2 other nodes up..
So, I have a new PicoStaionM2HP and I have been try to backflash a v5.6.2 (XM) to either the  5.10 or 5.11
The gui says "Uploaded Firmware Version XM v5.5.11.   But when I do the update, it appears to be downgrading,
"Please Wait.Updating Firmware"... How long does it take? 15min, 30min, 60min??
After several minutes, I browse back to and it's still at the old XM v5.6.2 version.
The GUI test tool, still fails... bad, good

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Try with a different browser.
Try with a different browser.  ie. Firefox, Chrome.  
Are you currently using IE or Edge?

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