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about me

Anybody want to create a "service" that provides some information about your node?

Some guys here have bought a piece of hardware to plug into the LAN port that acts as a server for about $50.

I though why not create some HTML on the nodes itself and then point to the html file with a service.

I works!  Here's and HTML for you to edit with your info:  Use Wordpad (not Word) and save the file as aboutme.htm.  Then right click on the fiel and "open with" your browser to check it out.

Use Winscp to transfer the file to your router.  I put it in www/aboutme.html

Then create a service of type http named aboutme and point it to port 8080 "aboutme.html"  (rename it to html)

You can embellish with pictures, but you will use up your memory real fast.  This only took 482 bytes.

<title>About Me</title>
<body style="background:rgb(231,231,231)">
<p align=center style='text-align:center'><span
John Joseph (JJ), N8JJ. Located in Beavercreek, Ohio. Email: <br>
Equipment: <span class=SpellE>AirGrid</span> M2, Beaming NW, <span class=SpellE>Lat</span>:
39.739641, Lon: -84.059055, Height: 25 Ft AGL <o:p></o:p></span></p>
<p align="right"> N8JJ 5/24/2015 </p>

It's not in the program yet
It's not in the program yet but it looks like most of these items have been on the talking block to embed in the user interface and expose via standard protocols. An example of a thought on information that had been discussed (but all the coders have been busy on bug fixes or hardware enhancements at moment or larger features) is in a early min draft discussed previously I belive SNMP is slated to make it into a public build soon (tickets already closed on bloodhound) and in a future version it would be expanded (both GUI and mib) to expose more data about the nodes that can be accessed in a standard manner across the network. A lot of these projects just need someone to be willing to adopt them and work with them. Only so many hours in the day many items I think all of us (those active in coding and those using) would like to see just need someone to adopt them and take lead on discussing then. It's generally much better in my opinion to standardized and build in than it is to ADHOC it for a reliable network that can grow predictably. Take a look at the draft mib for some of the suggested items a node should know, like its location, it's owner, it's antenna deployment (predictive mapping and aiming). It's Emcomm capabilities (will it run w/I power and if so how long, etc).
About me

Those look good but I think the users might like a more freeform capability.

I would suggest just 2 lines (160 char) of free from text to be displayed on the node status page. (changeable on the setup page)

Also a hyperlink or two next to it, so one could include a link to your personal webpage and/or email.

Comments from other users??

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I like this idea.  There

I like this idea.  There seems to be some free memory available... especially in the Ubiquiti hardware.

In areas just starting to amass their Mesh networks, it get old... FAST... just looking that Mesh status pages and s/n ratios.

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