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While Shopping at MicroCenter ....

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While Shopping at MicroCenter ....

While shopping at MicroCenter, some hardware caught my eye. An "AMPED" brand with a piece of hardware that looks suspiciously like a Nano Station.

Don't know if this is any good and probably don't want to use it considering its source. But, I thought it was interesting.

73, Mark, N2MH

Yep, looks a lot like one but

Yep, looks a lot like one but internally its drastically different, it uses a Realtek chip which to date we haven't even looked at supporting (we have been sticking with the Atheros Chips).  Realtek support is historically less in Linux kernel which makes it harder to support.

Otherwise it meets many of the specs of being outdoor rated and is "available" off the shelf at Frys and Microcenter (but at a bit of a premium compared to Ubiquiti gear )

Engenisus is an other candidate they are atheros based on some devices but support hasn't  fully matured for them in kernel official (unofficially they have a chance) but they to have a markup, but being available at Frys may be a plus.

Personally I plan to focus on the XW issue before I focus on new unknown boards but there is always potential they get added (especially if somone is willing to be the guinnie pig, or has one they want to donate to somone who has the skill to hack the kernel to make it work so we can merge it into mainline) 

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