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TPLINK CPE510 Hardware not supported!

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TPLINK CPE510 Hardware not supported!


Seem to be having a Hardware issue, CPE210 worked just fine, however I received the TPLINK CPE510 v1.1 on firmware 1.3.0 this morning and I get the message 'The Hardware is not supported' when I try to upload AREDN firmware via the Firmware upload section.

Any ideas on the problem here, thanks in advance.

Hardware is TPLINK CPE v1.1 and the installed firmware was 1.3.0
ATTEMPTED: Tried to roll back firmware to v1.2.1 still will not take AREDN firmware 'The Hardware is not supported.'
When I try a U-boot it pings fine but freezes there after when I try to run the program.


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M0OLI,   Not sure if this is related, but just in case, there is a limitation identified:

The TPLink CPE210 and CPE510 models require a firmware filename to not exceed 64 characters, exclusive of the ".bin" extension.    

I don't have TP-Link hardware, so not entirely sure what is meant by "When I try a U-boot"?  When you put it in 'tftp server' mode?   "run the program"?  This is 'tftp' and no commands solicit any responses?      

The hardware CPE510 v1.1 is supported on other OpenWRT based images.  There should be a way to get from A to B...

Hi Joe,
Hi Joe,

Thanks for that.

Interestingly when selecting the file from a location on PC it would add C:/fakelink/............... to the beginning of the file name. This may exceed the 64 character limit, if indeed the path is included in the 64 character limit?

TPLINK CPE510 Hardware not supported!
Hi all

i have just try to flash a tp-link cp210 but i keek geting  "The hardware version is not supported."

Can anyone help me 


Mine went fine, you have to rename the firmware to something shorter, if the path comprises too many characters it will throw up that error. Give it a try.
i have try that and it did
i have try that and it did not work :-(
which firmware did you use   
which firmware did you use 
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TPlink CPE210 v1.1

I've got a TPlink CPE210 v1.1, initially on pharos firmware 1.3.0 and I got the hardware not supported message. After trying firmwares 1.2.1 and 1.3.3 and trying to upload AREDN- and the 3.15 version too, I had a google and found the freifunk folks had the same issue, with a suggestion to add the device to cpe510_support_list in tplink-safeloader.c
I ran strings on the pharos 1.3.3 firmware and added to tplink-safeloader.c the lines:


>     "CPE210(TP-LINK|UN|N300-2):1.1\r\n"

>     "CPE210(TP-LINK|US|N300-2):1.1\r\n"

>     "CPE210(TP-LINK|EU|N300-2):1.1\r\n"

After mucking about to compile I got a firmware image that uploaded and I can see via the web interface. Something's broken in my compile, and the settings won't save, but it uploaded and boots.

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