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newbie questions on vlan switch and bullet

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newbie questions on vlan switch and bullet

Some questions on separating the LAN and the WAN of a bullet, I have a linksys router with OpenWRT on it.
I'm a newbie trying to figure this out.  I figure that this diagram of an ASUS router is valid as describing my OpenWRT Linksys rouyter: Yes?
Looking at this (from the OpenWRT website)
and what I think((!)) how the Bullet is configured
And if I reconfigure the vlans of the OpenWRT router like this
should I connect the Bullet's ethernet cable (the one that goes to the POE box and then the Bullet) to Port 3 above, and connect a computer I want the Bullet DHCP to assign an IP address to to Port 4, and connect my main house router (the one connected to the cable modem and the rest of the world) to Port 5?
Are the vlan numbers in the Bullet the same as the ones in the OpenWRT router?  In that packets in the Bullet's vlan 1 will be identified as belinging to the OpenWRT's vlan1?  And is the Bullet's WAN on vlan1?  And the bullet's LAN on its vlan0?  Or do I need to tell both the Bullet and the OpenWRT router that both their vlan0's belong together, and both vlan1's also belong together but separate from vlan0?   Do I have the tags right?  

73s  Bob

Hello Bob,

Hello Bob,

Please refer to the the links previously provided to you in this thread:

How you configure the interface of the device under OpenWRT will be your choice but you need to make sure it handles Untagged VLAN and routes it to all your PC's,  and Tagged VLAN 1 (for WAN usage) and TAGGED Vlan 2 (Device to Device Linking)

What port you plug into would depended entirly on how you configure the switch. The switch being used to configure these networks will need to accept the VLAN's in question from the Mesh Node and pass them out (yes they share the number)

NOTE: If this is a WRT54g linksys device check the forums, users have reported instability in these devices in trying to use them as VLAN switches and it is advised against. One user reported while being able to do it they had to reboot it daily IIRC.

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Looks like we cross posted  

Looks like we cross posted smiley  Anyway, it looks like I have it, though if Linksys's are unstable, I should find another switch...

Looked at the link you mentioned, but still had dumb questions.

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Tried to place an image above

Tried to place an image above, but the forum SW barfed...  Anyway
I assume! that this ASUS router  is equivalent to my OpenWRT flashed Linksys router
Next image is what I think! is the internals of a Bullet
Last image is how I think! I should configure the vlans in the OpenWRT router

Do I have any of this right?  I'm a rank newbie here...
Are the vlan0 in the Bullet and the vlan0 in the OpenWRT router well enough associated (in that the OpenWRT router recognizes that packets from the Bullet vlan0 belong to the OpenWRT's vlan0) or do I need to explicitly specify this?
Is the Bullet's LAN on vlan0?   and is the Bullet's WAN on vlan1?
Now, I think I want to connect the Bullet WAN to my house main router ( and I'd rename the Bullet WAN  (which I think is vlan0) to say  I would set up the Bullet's LAN to do DHCP, (1 host direct?) and I think I'd want to connect a computer that I want the Bullet to give it an IP address to to it's LAN, which I think is vlan1.  Now, if I assign the ports on the OpenWRT router as seen in the third image, I have its Port 3 connected to the house main router (, And connect the Bullet (via its POE box) to Port 4.  And connect the computer I want the Bullet to assign an IP address to to Port 5?   I don't think I need vlan2.  Do I have the tagging right?  Am I even in the ballpark?

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Looks like it wouldn't do any

Looks like it wouldn't do any good to me. Our experience has been you can't mix tagged and untagged ports together with Linksys devices so thats issue one. if this was a switch like the GS10xE talked about in other threads it may work, but with the chip faults its likely not going to function as planned.

Ignoring the issues with the port flaw (which will likely stop this from working) the way you have configured this is as follows:

Port 1-2 are PC access ports  then in that case they are correclty configured,
Port 3-4 also would be correclty configured and both would support plugging in a node (NOTE: however you would need to disable DHCP on one of the nodes per the links I sent earlier)
Port 5 Would also work for a node but it wouldnt have dtdlink.

the CPU port probably would not work at all as now your combining VLAN0-2 all onto one single untagged network, the router wouldn't know how to talk to them all correctly.

You probably want as follows:
WAN Port (internet)  Vlan 0 off, Vlan 1 untagged, VLan 2 off
Ports used for nodes: Vlan0 untagged, Vlan 1 tagged, vlan 2 tagged (PC's can also be plugged into these as well. If you follow darryls video and instead make vlan 0 off, and a vlan 10,20,30 etc for each node you don't have to disable dhcp)
CPU: Probalby all tagged, or at most only one untagged.

Again all these settings are dependent upon the issue with mixed tagged/untagged.

I would suggest pick up the GS10xE its better documented on the forums and will likely give you less issues since your just getting started.

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Netgear GS105E's from Amazon

Netgear GS105E's from Amazon:

around $20 used
around $40 new


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Plus $10 rebate avail

And until 6/30/2016 there's also a $10 mail-in rebate for a new GS105E.

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tp link router

today I was made aware that TP Link has clone of this VLAN switch that makes any Netgear price look like too much


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careful though.  if I recall

careful though.  if I recall correctly, some TPLink switches has FIXED ports on vlan1.  (ie. cannot remove them from vlan1).
Anyone remember the details here?

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Version 3 and 4 hardware

It's now 2.5 years later ... Just for any late comers: please note that the TP-LINK TL-SG105E and TL-SG108E switches no longer have this problem for version 3 (requires firmware update) and version 4 hardware. VLAN 1 can now be programmed. See other threads in the forums here.

- Don - AA7AU

ps: when it comes to networking, always check the date on posted info

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Got Netgear GS105E switch and got it configured after FW update

Received my GS105E and configured it.  It worked to split the WAN out of my bullet, but couldn't get sensible IP addresses out of the LANs.  But after I updated the switch firmware to 1.02.04 then this problem went away, and I got a LAN IP address on a computer tied to this LAN consistent with what the bullet's DHCP would give.  This after I set up the bullet in a more normal configuration. 

Removing NAT off the LAN meant I needed to reconfigure the services I have on my node.  No biggie.  smiley

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