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K9ECB weather station, Central Illinois

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K9ECB weather station, Central Illinois
My daughter Erin (K9ECB) is using an air grid M5 to take data from an arduino home-brew weather station and send it across the mesh to a Raspberry pi at our house. Here's a link to the newspaper article...front page above the fold today! (5/16/2016)

The reporter didn't get the part about the mesh or ham radio right (she put in "satellite" where it should have said "mesh dish"). You can see the air grid in the pictures. 

Yes, Daddy is pretty proud!

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Congratulations to Erin on a great practical project!
Congrats to your Daughter
Congrats to your Daughter (and her father whom I'm sure spurred learning the skills to do this).
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haha.   i love how quotes get
haha.   i love how quotes get twisted...

“A satellite sends data to a grain elevator five miles away and then to my computer at home,” said Erin of Heyworth.

:-)   congrats on the accomplishment!

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