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Newbie question

I am totally new to this and need to find out a couple of things.
I have two AirHP routers up and talking to each other.  I want to use them to log for Field Day.
How do you have the computers see each other on the other node?  The two on the same one are
of course fine, but they can't see the other.  I am using N3FJP logging software and hope to get this working
without using wired connections across the site.

Thanks in advance and being old and trying to keep up with tech is sometimes daunting.

Tom Beilmann

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K0KTB,   These are the high
K0KTB,   These are the high level steps:

1) On one computer, install the program (in this case a logging application). 
2) On the mesh node this computer is attached to (is on the LAN of the mesh node), go into setup->"port forwarding, DHCP, and Services" tab.  Reserve the computer's IP address and advertise the service.  You may check the 'link' box or not to have a clickable link if the program can be directly accessed with a browser.  If a client program needs configured, you want to put sufficient information in the name of the service to tell everyone how to configure their client. 
3) On any computer on the network, there is now a service showing in 'mesh status' to access the service--it has the hostname for a client program to be configured to access the application across the network.  Sometimes a port #, some of the winlink Point-to-point advertised services do this, is added so you know sufficient settings to configure a client. 

Thank you so much.
A couple of clicks and there it was.  Did a dance all around my radio desk.  We are now set for FD and thank you all for the help.

Tom Beilmann

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