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Enhancement request - turn off node radio for x minutes

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Enhancement request - turn off node radio for x minutes

When turning up new mesh nodes, it would be nice to be able to point antennas directly at another node. The way I understand how the software works, the signal numbers displayed aren't just for one mesh link. 

I'd like to be able to connect to a remote node, go into setup, and turn it off for X minutes. That would then allow me to do some tuning/adjusting, and then have the mesh come back up fully without additional intervention. In the interim, I could ssh to the remote node, create a script to bring the interface up after X minutes.

Any other thoughts on this? Useful for anyone else?



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you probably want something

you probably want something like this...

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yeah, well

Well yeah, I suppose I could just use that! Works for me!

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KG9DW,  I posted the link to

KG9DW,  I posted the link to obtain this ability--to show individual neighbor signal strengths--in the other forum posts (search for wscan).   What you see above is just a newer version and will be out-of-box soon.  

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