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Where to purchase Rocket M5 XM models?

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Where to purchase Rocket M5 XM models?

Does anyone have any tips as to where one can purchase Rocket M5 XM models?  As these are the "old" models, I wouldn't expect anything bought on Amazon, etc., to be this model, and I doubt I can get a reseller to unbox it and power it up to check for me.

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Rocket M5 XM Model Purchase
To add to that, do we have an idea of what the manufacturer date codes are when they made the transition to the XW board?  I have an extensive database on a number of units that have date codes up to *1404G ( Early 2014? ) that were still XM Models.  The Test Date is stamped on the outside of the product packaging.
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I've had 100% success buying new old stock from ebay. Anything with a test date back in 2014 has worked for me. There's usually one or two that pop up there every month. I've got two on the bench right now getting ready to be deployed this Spring.
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This guy on ebay has 10+
This guy on ebay has 10+ Rocket M5s. You'd have to ask how old they are:

Thanks for eBay info

Thanks for the eBay info! I've submitted an offer for some of them with a note stating that I need ones that are 2014 or older or running the XM software, with the caveat that I'll take the risk and buy them without that info so long as I can return if they are "too new." Really can't go wrong at that price ($50+$14S/H).

Jason de KG6H

Bought 5
I've purchased 5 from this seller.  All were XM models and flashed to AREDN just fine (4 of 5 required an AirOS downgrade first).  Note the seller did not sell the power cables with the POE adapters.  Also note that the POE are not 1A models, which is what ship with RocketM5 now, but my purchase was for the RM5, not the POE.  The POE all worked, but I'd rather deploy with 1A instead of .5A per the spec.
Just Bought Two

I just bought two Rocket M5 units from this seller.

I am new to AREDN but I have flashed routers to OpenWRT in the past.  Could someone point me to the AirOS downgrade procedure for the M5 units?



Same procedure as updating
Same procedure as updating AirOS firmware via the GUI, just with an older firmware file (procedure is in the AirOS user guide it is also the same as the AREDN install instructions for a GU Install)

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