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Canada - South Ontario MESH users

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Canada - South Ontario MESH users

I welcome the south Ontario users to contact me.  So we can meet / support / connect nodes.

ANDRE  aka  VE3WZW  (qrz contact)
HAM RADIO Mesh  @hamradiomesh  -

free voice chat

Toronto MESH @tomeshnet


I would like to add that the "West GTA" or Peel Mesh encompasses Mississauga and Brampton.  We have a very successful mesh here with 4 backbone sites, 2 in Mississauga and 2 in Brampton.  These sites host 14 nodes.  Currently we have 9 Ham residential sites connected to the mesh in Mississauga and Brampton. These are all Over The Air nodes, not tunnels.  Yes we have done our homework!

We are also connected over the air 65km away to the Fonthill repeater site in Niagara.  There are ( af least) 3 hams connected OTA in that region.

We are also connected OTA to Hamilton and they are hosting 3 nodes on their current backbone site. Our link to Hamilton also picks up Oakville.!

Hamilton is connected via tunnel to Barrie with 2 hams on tunnels there.  

We have just in the past week reached out to Acton and have 1 ham there connected. We are also working in  the Georgetown area and hope to see them come on board in  the very near future.     

Currently we count 43 nodes on our mesh.

There are many good locations in Toronto that could accommodate nodes that could connect to this very successful mesh
Our  current configuration is using Ubiquity devices  configured to channel -2 and Channel width of 10mhz.

73, Bob, VE3CWU @ RAC.CA

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