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server and client nodes on the same router

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server and client nodes on the same router

After many trials and error attempts, I am making progress on connecting things across the armax backbone. But, (there always is a but), I still cannot connect my tunnel server node (on comcast lan) to my tunnel client node (also on the comcast lan).

Both the server and client connect to "off site" nodes. I must be missing something simple.

Is there a setup change needed?

73 de mike

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If they are on the same

If they are on the same internal network (ie.  192.168.1.x), then you may need to specify the internal network address when configuring your CLIENT to specify which host.  Instead of using a DNS name (aka., use  (you may also want to change the SSID of the CLIENT node so that it doesn't attempt to join the AREDN mesh over RF)



Or if you want them connected

Or if you want them connected together permanently (and not just for testing) I would just DTDLink them instead for long term combining

Tunnels have an overhead to them that should not be ignored that will decrease the node's overall network performance as it has to use CPU Cycles to perform encryption/decryption even on "idle" links the linking data still has to transit the nodes.

working ...

server and client on same cocmast router, now works... the change was as pointed out.. changed the clientserver IP entry to the local comcast lan ip...

Now back to the DtD setup ...



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DtD help needed


We're rolling out a mest here in Southern Arizona- We are planning to have a majority of our nodes Ubiquiti, however we have a large number of Linksys nodes that we will be relegating to "in the house" resourse management type work... As such, I've been trying to get DtD working without much luck.

I'm trying to tie the "In house" Linksys mesh to the Ubiquiti Southern AZ Mesh.

Ubiquiti Bullet into a Microtik RB260GSP

  • Port 1 Internet
  • Port 2 UBNT Bullet (K7BUM-QTH)
  • Ports 3, 4, 5 for devices to be given DHCP addresses

Linksys WRT54GS + 3x WRT54G

  • ​The SSIDs is different than the Ubiquiti Mesh (I don't want traffic over RF, plus it will go away when we switch to Channel -2)

I have enabled the DtD on the WRT54GS by following the procedure found:

I have looked at the Ubiquiti example found at this link:

Disabled DHCP on the WAN port of the LInksys (actually tried both On or Off- No difference)

I'm hooking Port 4 of the Microtik to the "Internet" port of the Linksys. 

If I have DHCP turned on the WAN port, I do get a correct IP address from the Bullet.

Any help will certainly be appreciated... I'm an enterprise storage and data protection admin by trade... I'm OK at basic networking, but I'm learning the VLAN stuff...



Mike, K7BUM




I would suggest rolling this
I would suggest rolling this into a new thread as this is a 4 month old thread related to tunneling not DTDLink.

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