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Nanostation Bricked?

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The NSM5-XW hardware has an
The NSM5-XW hardware has an internal switch-chip that needs configured, unlike the NSM2-XM devices.  With the XM firmware, there's no settings defined for this internal switch->ports, so it won't work.  I'd have guessed the wlan0 (wireless interface) would still work. It must be failing on bringing up the physical interfaces and not getting to this one.   Should be no issue to tftp the XW image and carry-on.
Not even remotely correct Joe
Not even remotely correct Joe about the differences.

The XW is a different SOC, while it uses the same ARM MIPS code set initialization of the chipset at boot and all the sub components ia DRASTICALLY different.

This includes initialization of internal registers, initialization of the wifi registers and wifi phy's, detection of the WIFI phy to bring up networking,  etc.

If an XW load even managed to make it past the UBOOT Boot Loader there is no way in hell it would run correctly on an XM device.

TFTP recoery following be the option to recover.

AREDN->Ticket:93 already exists for this, though I thought it more affected XM series board didn't realize that an XW image could make it past the sysupgrade checks that is good information for us to know.
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Actually, That's right, I
Actually, That's right, I knew that-- was just posting the other day how there should be checksum errors trying to load between XM and XW.   The fact that the image actually loaded threw me off.    Good to know we have a ticket on this.


PS. Everyone, let's end this thread -- getting way too long and wandering topics.  Next person posting, let's create a new topic.
TTL to ASCII Settings
Good Morning. I received my ttl to ASCII converter. I hooked it up but all I see is gibberish on boot up mostly D's. I'm assuming I have a setting wrong. When I hit a key to stop the boot up, it keeps right on going. What am I doing wrong. I bought teh converter that was suggested here. I'm using Tera Term as the terminal program as Putty would not come up.
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9600 baud, no parity, 8 bits,
9600 baud, no parity, 8 bits, 1 stop bit
That is what I was using,
That is what I was using, screen still fills with D's Anything else to check?
No luck. Does anyone know
No luck. Does anyone know where can I get a NSM2 with the older firmware on it, or where can I send this one to be de-bricked?
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NO2C,  you're really close if
NO2C,  you're really close if accessing the serial port.  Use 115200 baud--should give you access to type the commands and recover.
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I updated this last week:
I updated this last week:   

115200 8N1

Still need to upload some pictures...

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you sure that you have the TX
you sure that you have the TX/RX/GND wires connected in the right place?  Double check.  I think Joe (AE6XE) posted  details earlier in this thread.
GOT IT!!!!
GOT IT!!!!
It was the baud rate AND I needed to connect the PWR on the converter.

Success, now to configure, but after a few coffees!!


I don't know if this is the

I don't know if this is the correct stop to post this, but I couldn't find anything else. I was able to flash ARDEN to my unit. I can ping it on but I can't open a web page on localnode:8080. I did reset my computer to get the IP from the NS M2 and it did. But I can't get to the unit to configure. I did a 15 second reset and uploaded after I check and still had a Good / Good. What should I try next?

I do see the Meshnode on the wireless network


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Most likely the browser cache
Most likely the browser cache.  Close out your browser (all instances) and open a fresh instance and try connecting to http://localnode.local.mesh:8080
I was using "Open your
Now it is asking for a user
Now it is asking for a user name and password. It is in the NOCALL-73-253-212 screen
Got it. I opened the setting
Got it. I opened the setting up the node instructions
OK, all good. Next I mount it
OK, all good. Next I mount it on the roof.. Thanks again for all your help on this.
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Raspberry Pi to unbrick
You provided three options to interface to the serial port of the NSM2 and one was a Raspberry Pi.
Is this used in some configuration to talk directly across a TTL interface?
What is used and how is it configured.  I have LOTS of PI!
Gordon, W2TTT
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Using a RasPi to access the serial port of a Mesh Node
Yes, the Pi is a direct TTL to TTL serial, no voltage levels to convert.  

Here's a picture of the connection:

TX <->SIN, RX<->SOUT, and GND<->GND wires worked just fine.   Look for the 'UART' GPIO pins, I think GPIO14 and GPIO15  pins to figure out which is TX and RX.

I have OpenWRT loaded on my Pi, so my steps may be a little different, but you have to load a terminal emulator and configure it to use the the right serial port. Linux may have the a console already tied to this serial port to disable first.  (It was long enough ago, that I don't remember the specifics.)

NSM2 TFTP recovery new message
Just tried to recover my NSM2 via TFTP and got a "Erasing Flash ..(This may take a long time, please wait)" message
The window title now says "Upgrade Firmware Version 1.255"
I have not seen anyone else mention this.  Is this a new wrinkle?  How long should it take?  Been running for more than an hour so far.
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 I don't think I've ever
 I don't think I've ever waited more than 5 minutes to try something else, if it hadn't completed by then.
Recovered mine using Bus Pirate
Thanks for all of the information. I flashed a 5.6 loco M2 and thought it was dead.

Connected using the Bus Pirate and was able to flash 5.6 back onto it, downgrade to 5.5 and the flash AREDN.
Jerry W0HU
Thanks, Joe!
I was able to "unbrick" one M2 NanoBridge and one M5 BulletHP using the techniques on "Unbrick a NanoStation".  I got both units in "unknown status" (would not start up at the conventional addresses), the price was right.  Now have two more working units!
What client are you using to access the serial port

I tried PuTTY with no luck. Using a TTL USB UART Silicon Labs CP210x adaptor.
It has been a long time since I used any terminal program and never under Windows 10.
Thanks, Craig

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Try RealTerm - it works very well.
Thanks for the help. My previously bricked NSM2 is now kc0kp-1 on -2.


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