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Mikrotik Mislabeld Product

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Mikrotik Mislabeld Product

I recently ordered what was to have been a Mikrotik LHG XL 5 AC (RBLHGG-5acD-XL-US) from Amazon.  It was advertised as follows:

Sold by: Services LLC
Return eligible through Nov 29, 2023
Condition: Used - Acceptable

I received the unit and it seemed like it was brand new, albeit there was no POE injector included (the power supply was included).

I confirmed on the actual label on the device that it was an LHG XL 5 ac.  It reads:

LHG XL 5 ac

So everything suggested that I had indeed received an LHG XL 5 ac and proceeded to install the AREDN firmware in accordance with the Mikrotik First Install Checklist.  I downloaded the Kernal and Sysupgrade files from the AREDN website and proceeded to load the Kernal.  The Kernal file installed just fine with no issues.  

The problem presented when I attempted to install the Sysupgrade file.  The system responded with an "incompatible hardware" issue when I did so, and it also reported that it believed it was an LHG 5HPnD-XL (LHG 5) and NOT the LHG XL 5 ac.  What?

I couldn't seem to make any progress, so disabled the dangerous file protection under advanced settings and attempted to force an install of the LHG 5HPnD-XL system upgrade file.  Bad idea you say?  Yep, sure enough, it basically bricked the unit and it seemed to go into a continuous restart cycle.

The only way out was to use the Mikrotik procedure to reinstall the original Mikrotik OS (others have discussed this on this forum).  I followed the instructions carefully and was able to get it back to the Mikrotik OS, then successfully installed the PROPER AREDN firmware for this device.

At the end of the day, yes, the device had an incorrect product label on it.  It put me through the ringer but I was finally able to recover and get it up and running.  Thanks to K1KY for his assistance on this and so many other issues.

Has anybody else EVER seen this happen?

Yes, I've seen incorrect
Yes, I've seen incorrect labels. So far, it's only on counterfeit gear. Ordering from reputable sources (, roc-noc, Baltic, etc.) is always advised. Forgery central (Amazon) is not advised. 


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