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Mikrotik hAP ac3 restore from AREDN back to factory OS

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Mikrotik hAP ac3 restore from AREDN back to factory OS
Hello Folks!

This was an exercise in futility. No matter what I do I cannot get the WAN port to talk to my home router. When looking at the WiFi Scan from another device, I see this ac3 with up to 6 channels, but the Host name is blank and I see Foreign Network.

I have decided to restore this to factory and send it back, I have not been able to find a document that explains how to do it... Anyone who has the document or can point me to it would be greatly appreciated if you could share that. I am very disappointed that I could not get this to work

There is definitely something
There is definitely something funky going on with the recent ac3 devices. Do you remember which RouterOS version yours had? Trying to keep tabs on symptoms and possible causes.  

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The procedure to restore
The procedure to restore RouterOS is called NetInstall.  Do a search on the Mikrotik website for how to do a NetInstall (very similar to initial flash to AREDN) and the firmware to install.  Note that NetInstall is somewhat picky, so follow the instructions and it still may take a couple tries.

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