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Attempt #2: hAP ac lite?

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Attempt #2: hAP ac lite?
Thx tor the feedback on my loco M5 post.   My next purchase will be a bit more thoughtful.  I am looking at a hAP ac lite (to at least get on the network), specifically a RB952Ui-5ac2nD-TC.  It shows supported on the Supported Devices list.  Is this still a good device to purchase?  And, it seems the "-TC" option implies INTL, black unit, and with vertical mounting.  Is that really the difference vs the RB952Ui-5ac2nD-US version?

jim kn6pe
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Hi, Jim:
I suspect that the 'TC' indicates 'Tower Case'.
I also suggest the RB952Ui-5ac2nD or RB952Ui-5ac2nD-TC as a 'starter' station device.
73, Chuck
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Going for the -TC

Hi Chuck,
thanks for your comments.  That's what it seems to imply... -TC = 'Tower Case'.   I've been looking around on where to buy the RB952Ui-5ac2nD (non-TC, non-US) version but the domestic resellers seem to only carry the -US version.   Since the -TC version looks roughly the same, i will go for that one.

thanks for the confirmation.
73, Jim kn6pe

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Once it's an AREDN device US
Once it's an AREDN device US and Non-US is the same.
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5G frequency lockout?

So, does this imply that the -US version 5G band split (5170-5250MHz and 5725-5835MHz) is a MikroTik FW lockout, not some type of hardware lockout?

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Channel lockouts
That's correct; same for Ubiquiti.
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Thx, and flashed!
Making progress.  I not only got my hAP ac lite successfully flashed, but also the QRT5.  The QRT5 was confirmed operational during a Wednesday repeater site visit (on top of a 10 story building in Cupertino) and we linked to N9JIM's node on Black Mtn above Palo Alto.  If we install it at our repeater site, we need to design what else it would do besides giving us access to the repeater controller.  

In the meantime, i am looking for a local tunnel server in the SFWEN/BAM coverage area.  

thx everyone for your comments and help!

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