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meshchat v0.4 *PRODUCTION VERSION*

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meshchat v0.4 *PRODUCTION VERSION*

Detailed information and installation instructions can be found here:

This is the first production worthy version. Enjoy!

New in this version:

Better detection of mesh node in raspberry pi

To install on a pi do these commands:

sudo apt-get install wget apache2
sudo dpkg -i meshchat_0.4_all.deb

Then browse to http://<pi ip address>/meshchat


Raspberry Pi:

I'd really like to give this
I'd really like to give this a try, but I'm going to need some more explicit instructions. What do I do with the .ipk file? Is the wget_nossl package still a pre-requisite?
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To install now, upload the
To install now, upload the attached 4 packages under Administration in this order: 1) libpcre 2) zlib <- needed if you haven't already installed a tunnel client/server 3) wget-nossl 4) meshchat Find the other .Ipk files on the openwrt website under the Barrier Breaker release dowload. These may be part of the AREDN list of packages soon and part of the available list under administration. This info is time relevant.
Additional info
Thanks for the info, Joe!

Yup, I'm in over my head here for sure. After some frustrating rapid learning, I  have Meshchat installed and running. Normally, I think. For what it's worth, this could very well be a killer app that takes amateur radio mesh from a novelty to a useful tool. Think I'm exaggerating? During every discussion I've ever held in our club or neighbour's clubs, one of the most common questions is 'so what do we do with it?' All of the usual answers are offered; cameras, servers, blah blah, but I've never had anything to offer as a quick way to simply pass text messages around a network without hooking up computers or servers or other hardware that isn't really meshed. Trevor has already discussed, all the 'barnacles' we can hang off a mesh network represent potential single points of failure. Hamchat is ok as far as it goes, but it's still an isolated instance with no mesh-wide message persistance.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Good job, Trevor, K7FPV. Looking forward to version 1.0. In the meantime, I'm thankful to have something new to play with.

For the benefit of anyone else wanting to try this, I found the prerequisite packages at:

I downloaded all 3 prerequisite packages to my local computer, downloaded the meshchat  .ipk file to the same place. Then, using the node's admin page 'upload package' tool, I selected each file in turn and uploaded 'em. There were some warnings about errors, but everything seems to run ok.

(I didn't need to upload ZLIB as my test node has tunnels)

I found 3 different versions of the libpcre package, I used this one:

And just an initial 'bug report', the 'log out' button doesn't seem to exit the app. Not sure if this is just operator error, I've only been up about 10 minutes.

73 de VE3ZX - Ron

ps: I've got a tunnel server with a couple of extra slots if anyone would like to see this on the air. E-Mail me direct: ve3rtj 'at' 
Progress report

...As opposed to bug report. I don't feel qualified to call what I'm experiencing a bug.

Trying Meshchat out by remotely accessing a mesh, with Meshchat servers at two nodes at either end of a tunnel. Sounds complicated, but it really isn't. Between the two servers there is a Linksys tunnel server. First link is RF, second is tunnel. Using AREDN V on one end, V on the other.

Meshchat seemed to install ok on both ends. Here is the result message:

Package Management
Installing meshchat (0.4) to root...
//usr/lib/opkg/info/libpcre.postinst: line 4: default_postinst: not found
//usr/lib/opkg/info/wget-nossl.postinst: line 4: default_postinst: not found
Applying service announcement

MeshChat has been setup at http://VE3NCF-EAST:8080/meshchat

An advertised service has been added for MeshChat on the Services configuration 
Collected errors:
 * pkg_run_script: package "libpcre" postinst script returned status 127.
 * opkg_configure: libpcre.postinst returned 127.
 * pkg_run_script: package "wget-nossl" postinst script returned status 127.
 * opkg_configure: wget-nossl.postinst returned 127.
Configuring libpcre.
Configuring wget-nossl.
Configuring meshchat.

Starting Meshchat seems to be ok, I can log in, and enter messages, etc. on both ends. The problem is, the messages aren't propogated around the mesh. Or more precisely, through the tunnel. I can work all the attached nodes with various other apps. There are about 40 other nodes in the mesh status list. (Which kind of makes a good test bed for the polling impact discussed in the other thread)

Any suggestions where to look? Is there something in the node I can look at to see why the two instances of Meshchat don't seem aware of each other?

Is it as simple as 'it won't work across a tunnel'? If so, I'd be very disappointed. I rely heavily on tunneling here.


73 de VEZX - Ron


I have not tried it with a
I have not tried it with a tunnel but it should work. Could we setup a tunnel so I can login to your node and do some debugging? Email me at k7fpv at
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Can someone provide me with a screenshot of meshchat for a presentation I'm giving Friday night?

Orv - W6BI
Does this work? Just a bunch

Does this work? Just a bunch of test messages.

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That'll do.
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Machine Support
What kind of machine is needed to run MeshChat?

Ubiquity Node?
Raspberry Pi ?
Stand-alone linux box?

I'd really like to run it on a stand-alone linux box (Centos 5). Keep the AREDN node for data transfer over radio.

73, Mark, N2MH
Detailed information and
Detailed information and installation instructions can be found here:


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