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TP-Link CPE710 v1

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TP-Link CPE710 v1

Having a heck of a time flashing this thing. Confirmed on physical stamp and in the Pharos GUI that its v1. 

When is use Tiny PXE server, it sends the file, reboots but goes back to Pharos? 
I have tried two different PCs, one with physical LAN port and my laptop with two different USB > LAN adapters. With and without a switch in the mix. 

One thing that I have noticed is at the end of th TFTPd: DoReadFile: recovery.bin - there is a B:0 T:0  I cant find what this additional info is pointing to within the tiny PXE server docs or forums that I have found..

I have let the node sit for an hour post transfer and still no change, can never get to (with or without 8080) after changing the IP to (from for PXE).

I have also tried flashing directly from Pharos and it says 'hardware not supported' and stops the update. Same with trying to update to DD-WRT or Open WRT.. but they also mention to 

  • Stop device while booting in u-boot

    How does one do this?

EDIT: just did a search for my current firmware and it appears it may be a UN version... will this make a difference as I see EU hams' setting up nodes.

Any suggestions?

Thank you 


And a bit more digging, I may

And a bit more digging, I may be FUBAR on using this for anything related to AREDN.
It has a u-boot partition that prevents any tFTP overwriting as far as I can see. It may need a serial device to access the u-boot to stop it loading?? 
I'm grasping at straws at that one :) 

And took it apart and no UART connections on the PCB.

Closing the circle incase
Closing the circle incase someone else runs into this issue.

TP-Link tech support sent me a beta f/w that allowed me to go backwards and by-pass the restrictions from the OEM 20211216 f/w (picture above). 
Have successfully flashed AREDN and running the current stable f/w

Now I just need to 3d print a new end cap for the antenna horn as I took the PCB out to look for UART port :)

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