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Winlink and Other Advertised Services Disable

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Winlink and Other Advertised Services Disable
I have installed Winlink and other advertised services. But they are disabled. I have attached the picture of my node as pdf.
Are they web services? The
Are they web services? The last I knew port 8772 was not a web service and only Winlink clients would connect to that port.

The link checkbox for those services is telling the AREDN firmware to connect to those ports like how a browser would and validate that the service is alive. When it does not get back a valid response it will mark the service as being down (the exclamation mark) and not advertise the service.

I think you want to uncheck the link checkboxes and then save the settings.

Gerard, WT0F
A service with a link containing a valid hostname and port number is needed to correctly auto-populate the Add Post Office Server screen in Winlink Express. My link is winlink://aj6gz-1-winlink:8772 which is obviously a bogus prefix but it doesn't matter. (I actually don't want it to work with a browser misclick) And the Link is checked. My AREDN node checks it every hour per the RMS logs, on port 8772. Something else must be amiss as we're seeing it with other services too on your screenshot. Have any of the services been down for an hour and we're just waiting for a refresh? LAN connectivity ok? What version AREDN are you running? Also it's recommended to prefix your hostnames with your callsign to avoid duplicates on the network. Ian AJ6GZ
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thanks for comment
Thank you very much for valuable comments. I am going to taking account all of them.  I running version.   You are so right, the reason why
advertised services are inactive is long-term wifi outage.

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