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Mikrotik LHG 5 won't keep config

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Mikrotik LHG 5 won't keep config
I’m trying to upgrade a Mikrotik LHG 5 firmware to AREDN.  I set the System / RouterBoard Boot Device to Try-Ethernet-Once-Then-Nand.  Protected Routerboot is unchecked.  I go through the process of upgrading with TinyPXE and reboot.  Once the device reboots it still has the Mikrotik firmware.  The IP is still  Boot Device is back to Nand-If-fail-then-ethernet.

If I set the LHG back to Try-Ethernet-Once-Then-Nand, apply the change and just reboot it goes back to nand-if -fail-then-ethernet.  Any ideas?
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I’m trying to upgrade a Mikrotik LHG 5 firmware to AREDN.
Going from RouterOS to AREDN firmware is not an 'upgrade',
it is an OS replacement.
Are you loading the 'initramfs-kernel.bin' or the 'squashfs-sysupgrade.bin' ?

73, Chuck

I was trying to load the
I was trying to load the initramfs-kernal.bin.  I have two LHG 5s.  One OS replacement worked just fine.  The second one did not. 
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You did not say what
You did not say what procedure you were using.  Assuming you are using Windows for the PC, here are the directions I have used on many Mikrotik devices and NEVER had one fail (as long as I followed the directions).  Note, putting a dumb switch in between the LHG and the PC has nothing to do with the LHG, but rather, keeps the LAN connection active on the PC.  HIGHLY recommended - make sure it's a dumb switch and NOT a router.
I was using Windows.  I did
I was using Windows.  I did us a dumb switch.  I thought about using the router but didn't.  My second LHG OS replacement worked just fine so I'm thinking the first LHG was defective.  I'll try to get a replacement.
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I'm thinking the first LHG was defective.
I have a 'defective' SXTsq-5ac that will not accept an AREDN load.

73, Chuck

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No reboot?
Did you say you rebooted the node after initially loading AREDN firmware? The next step would be to load the sysupgrade firmware without rebooting.
You nailed it.  I got my
You nailed it.  I got my tasks out of order.  Thanks to your help I was able to get to the place where I install the SYSUPGRADE file but I get the error below.  I included my device and the build I used. Any ideas?

File cannot be updated
Firmware file is not valid: Firmware device match failed.


Model:MikroTik RouterBOARD LDF 5nD
Version: (r20028-43d71ad93e)
I am getting the same problem on two LHG5nD nodes.
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If you are getting EXACTLY

If you are getting EXACTLY the same error message as W4SJN posted above, you are trying to load the wrong file.  
For the LHG 5nD the correct file (current nightly) is:

Note you STILL may get an incorrect file error, but that can be corrected by using the "Dangerous Upgrade" option near the bottom of the Advanced Config page.  I have been getting the error on about 2/3 of the upgrades over the past month or so on my LHG 5nD.  Make DAMN SURE you are forcing the file that you really should be using before using the Dangerous Upgrade option.

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Wrong firmware version
I advised Steve that that he's attempting to load the wrong version of the code (LDF software onto an LHG)

Orv W6BI
I downloaded the correct
I downloaded the correct kernel and sysadmin.  I found a newer version 5/30/2023 but it comes up with the same error: Firmware file is not valid: Firmware device match failed.  I double checked the device model from the label on the back.  Both the software build and hardware model are LHG 5.  I used winscp to upload the sysupgrade file to the /tmp the used putty to connect to port 2222 to run the bin command.  It errored out once, now I can't get back in with putty.  Will keep trying.
Manually installing the
Manually installing the SysUpgrade did not work.  I basically get the same message as Firmware Device Match Failed but the manual error is Image Check Failed.  Now what? I can boot to the Kernel but I can't install the SysUpgrade.  I can't go back to the Mikrotik firmware. 
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Mikrotik: Loading factory OS
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Actually you likely can go
Actually you likely can go back to the Mikrotik firmware.  Look up "Netinstall".

I originally bought two Mikrotik LHG 5nD nodes.  One installed firmware version just fine.   The other LHG would not install this version, so I tried the latest version that came out on May 30 named 20230530-XXXXX.  I sent the defective unit back to get a replacement.  When the replacement arrived, it wouldn’t install SYSUPGRADE version 20230530-XXXXX either.  The error indicated that I had the wrong firmware or device model.  I eventually figured out the latest version was not ready for prime time so I re-downloaded version and it installed correctly. 
I’m new to AREDN so this was a lesson learned.  Thank you for all of your help.  I’m very excited that my mesh network’s initial test worked great.  Now for more testing and adding services. 

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I have a LHG 5nD that about
I have a LHG 5nD that about half the time, I have to set the "Dangereous Upgrades".  Long history on that, but it's been that way ever since each model of LHG nodes were split out to separate files.

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