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Air Router - HP D2D w / Linksys

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Air Router - HP D2D w / Linksys
I have my Air Router HP up and running AREDN ssid, 16 beta.  Laptop on Port 1, POE into the WAN.

I am wanting to connect old Linksys wrt (BroadbandHamnet) on Port 4 the D2D port.

I cannot see the linksys.  All else is working.  Do I need to do anything to the Linksys or is it plug and play?

Vance, kc8rgo

Linksys devices running BBHN
Linksys devices running BBHN do not nativity support DTDLink and require customized configuration.
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Dtd on Linksys
Dtd on Linksys is disabled by default due to some rare hardware conflicts but can be enabled.  Instructions are here.   We've done it and it works as advertised.
Thanks - I forwarded your
Thanks - I forwarded your info to our pilgrim in that area.  I looked and decided that I would forgo a beer or two and UBNT it.

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