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What ethernet cable should be used for an outdoor run?

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What ethernet cable should be used for an outdoor run?

I am planning on an exterior installation for an AREDN node.

What Ethernet cable should be used?

I will be using POE to power the node.

Thanks in advance!

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Greetings from Puerto Rico I
CAT cable out doors
I use CAT 7 cable, out door, with ground shield over wiring, with metal cover grounding at connector end.
I use ( Offset LAN wire connectors ) for extra interference  protection. Look at end of connector If all wires on same row its Std. connector.
If  wires are in TWO rows ( looking at end of conn.) Less  chance of Interference. 
73's  Hope it helps you 





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Outdoor Cable
Ubuquiti Tough Carrier Cable is what we use.  Still gotta pay attention to sealing up the ends to prevent water migration as they will transmit water like a hose!

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Heat Shrink/Ground Wire?
Should we heat shrink the end connectors, or is that a waste of time? Also, do the end connectors HAVE TO have external ground wires like the ubiquiti tough connectors have? I bought some new connectors because no crimper would work with my tough connectors, but they don't have a ground wire hanging off of them like the tough connectors do. They are Platinum Tools ezEX44 pass-through, externally grounded, (and were stupidly expensive).
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We use the Vertical Cable 059-490/WS/CMXT
Careful, they have several similar looking products with subtly different specs.  This one is a good balance of size, easy to work with, durability, flexibility, shielding, etc... though time will tell how it survives in real field conditions. 
Seems to still be available via Amazon for just under $200 per spool: 
And these are the shielded connectors we use with them, which seem to work well. It's a little tight getting the dual jacketed cable into the connector, but usually works out well. 
Thank you!

Thank you!
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Most important is to have
Most important is to have outdoor grade, UV rated (and direct burial rated, if that applies). Gel-filled cable will help keep moisture out, though, it is rather messy to work with if you need to field terminate it. 
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...and always use a drip loop
...and always use a drip loop so the water does not follow the cable in!  

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