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Iperfspeed no longer working

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Iperfspeed no longer working

It appears with the new nightly builds (e.g. 2152-252b1dc), Iperfspeed (iperfspeed_0.6-lua_all.ipk) when installed, does not show any server or client nodes and thus cannot be used.  I've tested this on both an 'hAP ac lite' and a 'MikroTik RouterBOARD LHG 5nD".  And yes, I am aware that iperf3 is part of the current builds and Iperfspeed really is not needed any more.

7 3 - Mike AB4YY

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IperfSpeed 0.8
version 0.8 fixed it.  Thanks

version 0.8 fixed it.  Thanks, it's back working nicely.
I see the footer text has not been updated, still shows "... v0.6...".
- Mike

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IperfSpeed 0.8 Footer text = 0.6

Interesting observation - I have a HAP that shows 0.8 and other HAP's that show 0.6  Both are running v 0.8

Browser needed a refresh

On the Iperfspeed with the nodes showing and the first iperf test successful (with results), I saw the version 0.6 on both nodes.  But after doing another (Brave) browser refresh, on each node, the versions changed to 0.8.  So, all is well.
The usual first and last step with any of this mesh businesses is 'patience'.  smiley
Thanks,  Mike AB4YY

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Tried with NB 2173
Collected errors:
 * pkg_init_from_file: Malformed package file


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