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Hello, I have a TP-Link CPE210 v2. If I connect it directly to a computer I can access the admin webpage; however if I plug it into my home router it does not get a WAN address so I can not access it? I have tried the DHCP setting and assigning a static address.
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Run a cable from your home router to port 1 of the MikroTik. Power the CPE off port 5 of MikroTik, Any devices plugged into ports 2-5 will get their IP from the MikroTik. Use a hub plugged into ports 2-4 if you need more than 3 ports. The idea is to separate your AREDN network from your Home network, but still have internet access to the devices on the AREDN network. (You have to turn POE power on in the MikroTik settings to have POE Power on port 5).

Scott - NØMRZ

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What Mikrotik???
Where are you getting the idea that there is a Mikrotik (presumably a hAP based on your following comments) involved in this question?  The original poster made no mention of that.

BTW, your statement "Any devices plugged into ports 2-5 will get their IP from the MikroTik." is incorrect.  Devices plugged into ports 2 - 4 of a hAP will get an IP from the hAP.  Port 5 of a hAP is DtD linking only.
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You are absolutely right. On both accounts. Around here we all use a MikroTik to separate our home network from our AREDN network, and to have wifi access.  I was just making an assumption. And, yes, port 5 is DTD. Thanks for the clarification!
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I think you may need to add switch like one listed here
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