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Flashing a Mikrotik Basebox5

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Flashing a Mikrotik Basebox5
I was able to flash my hap lite's, but now i am trying to do the same with a basebox 5.  Is the process different?  I am not having any success doing it the same as with the hap lite.  Yes, I have the .elf file for the basebox 5 from this site.  Thx! 73, Adrian VE7NZ
Please see
That is the documentation I
That is the documentation I followed and was successful in flashing two hAP lite's and a LHG dish but the same process isn't working on the basebox 5.  
I got it working.  The

I got it working.  The solution was some or all of the following:

I had to replace the hamwan software with Router OS firmware using netinstall per URL – not 100% sure this mattered, but all attempts prior to doing this failed. I noted that it didn't work until i got the timing of counting to around 15 seconds and releasing the Reset button the moment all LEDs turned off (which they do very briefly, but holding the reset longer or shorter than this window did not work).
I set static ip: with default g/w and DNS server of in my PC's adapter
I connected the ethernet directly from the laptop to the basebox (no switch in the middle) – not sure if this mattered - but this was the recommendation when using NetInstall
I setup PXE server as normal and tried several resets. Once I got the timing right (depress reset button for about 15 seconds. Release it as soon as the LEDs reduce to just one LED bar) it worked.

 I was subsequently able to get to the unit on and do the update, change NO CALL etc.  All good.

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