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REOLINK Cam on the mesh

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REOLINK Cam on the mesh

Dear all. Having currently a REOLINK RLC-520 on our AREDN Mesh system for testing. The cam works fine but i am not able to have the service steady on the node: IP is reserved for the cam and on the right in the section advertised services the cam has been advertised on the network ( see attachment). After saving and rebooting the node the service is advertised, but after a while the camera is not advertised anymore, it has to be redone.  Mouse over the icon exclamation mark it says "service is not been advertised". Any suggestions? Regards HB9FND, Alex

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The warning icon indicates

The warning icon indicates one of four things, as explained in the online documentation:

Service Advertisement Process

OLSR (Optimized Link State Routing) propagates service entries to other nodes across the network. Once every hour your node will verify that its own service entries are valid. Your node will not propagate services across the network if it finds any of these conditions:
  1. The host is not pingable across the network
  2. There is no service listening on the specified port
  3. The HTTP link does not return a success status code
  4. The package for this service is not yet installed
The node’s Advertised Services list will still show the defined service (with an alert icon and hover text marking it as non-advertised), but your node will not actually advertise that service to the network. If the service URL becomes reachable in the future or if the dependent package is later installed, then your node will resume advertising the service across the network.

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