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Help with Asterisk/RasPBX (all calls hang up after 30 seconds)

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Help with Asterisk/RasPBX (all calls hang up after 30 seconds)
I'm running the latest version of RasPBX, which may not contain the latest versions of either Asterisk or FreePBX. The pi is a model 3 B. The Pi isn't currently connected to any of my mesh nodes, it's on my home LAN. My goal is to have it working on the mesh. 

I've set up two extensions to test with. I have two Windows 10 computers running Micro SIP softphones, an iPhone with both Linphone and Zoiper, and a Macbook pro also running zoiper. The problem occurs regardless of the combination of computer and softphone used. It also occurs when accessing services on the PBX directly like echo test and voicemail. 

It is *not* a nat or firewall issue. This is the solution that is recommended everywhere else when I google this issue. The Pi and all mentioned computers are on the same subnet/VLAN and connected to the same physical switch. No nat is traversed and no firewall is involved. I even set up a separate dumb switch with nothing but the Pi and one computer connected to it to make absolutely sure nothing else in my network was to blame.

If I dial the echo test number, I hear the intro and get about 5 or so seconds to talk before it hangs up. The SIP session seems OK judging by wireshark capture, and I can confirm via packet capture on both the computer running the softphone and on the Pi that RTP and RTCP packets are being sent and received. Not to mention I hear my voice during the test. I mention this because the only option I can find on the PBX with a 30 second timer is the RTP timeout, where it hangs up if no RTP packets are received within 30 seconds, which isn't the case here.
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Your subject says all calls
Your subject says all calls drop in 30 seconds, but your description only talks about the echo text hanging up.  So, does a call between two phones drop after 30 seconds?
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Asterisk console

When you experience your issues, what does the asterisk console report?

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